Important Questions To Ask New SEO Clients

One of the exciting things for a digital marketing company is to bring a new SEO client. You need to get your new relationship with new clients off to the proper start. This will need to ask the proper questions and obtain vital information for your SEO services.

SEO Clients

The following 6 questions are best to ask any new client. This will help you to get their business objectives. It will also help you to know how they want you to strategize your plan.

One of the most important issues facing the SEO industry is that the implementation of SEO recommendations. It is when a client expects to have good results. It has only implemented a fraction of your digital marketing services recommendations.

Questions to ask:

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities for this engagement?

Always state and document who is doing what. Also, the way tickets are being tracked. It can be like a project management system.

2. Can we get access to any other documents?

If the client has any past quarterly business reviews (QBRs), strategy documents, open and closed technical tickets, and a log of any technical changes to the location over the last few years, it might be a good idea to invite access there, too.

3. What are your goals and objectives?

Always ask for specifics like:

Traffic numbers.




How the client will determine the success of this engagement.

This is one of the foremost critical questions you would like to ask. Your digital marketing services team understands what the client hopes to accomplish. Knowing what the client wants will help your agency or brand put together a technique for fulfillment.

If the goal is to drive more traffic and leads by 25%, for instance, then you want to do your best efforts. This is to get your client to succeed in their goal. Else you would possibly end up on the block.

4. Who are your top competitors?

It’s important to get clarification on your client’s top competitors. This allows your seo services team to review their sites, visibility, links, social presence, page speed, etc. This is to ascertain why competitors could also be beating your client.

It also gives insight into the other tactics. These tactics may are successful for them that your client could also enjoy.\

5. Who are your target market and ideal audience?

Having the client explain their target market and ideal audience can assist you together with your seo services strategy. For example, let’s say you’ve got a little bank that only operates in Texas. Getting this information is critical. It is because it can help you focus on the right strategies, such as local search, etc.

6. What are your biggest challenges?

Asking about what challenges the client faces will allow them to open up about known issues. For example, let’s say the client has a problem getting five pages of content approved in less than two months.

If the content is what’s getting to move the needle, then you and therefore the client got to see what the bottlenecks are. They are available up with solutions to streamline the process to get approved quicker.

Asking the proper questions is critical to getting a firm understanding of your client’s goals. It also as what has been wiped out in the past. How they need to speak, and signing off on your digital marketing services or SEO strategy. In turn, it’ll help your team or brand put together a rewarding experience. It will build a relationship that will last for years.

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